Artistic Director
Art Curator
Linz, Austria

Expanderrrr was an international collective formed by individuals coming from different fields of practice who were united by the common goal of open information and creation.

The collective focused on adapting public spaces that had been abandoned of human activity to host an array of public open culture events and provide settings for projects to be realized.

Expanderrr Collective understands and respects all possibilities of organization and distribution of creativity, but also understands it’s contribution as a bet for a open production and distribution model; same as it is done in a scientific laboratory. Thus understanding culture in a wide sense, as an active process, vital and integrated in the environment where it takes place, our project is not only about openness, but moreover a project with open and not yet definable results which will emerge from processes which will take place according to the principles of openness, sharing and collaboration.

In order to make it real, all the structure and organization of the Expanderrr Collective points at establishing working spaces that are not attached to individuals (ateliers, exhibitions, stages) but to practices (workshops, performances, labors, lectures). This way the structure of the spatial and temporal distribution of the space we open works for those other developed artistic practices to share working place, discussion space and even table and cloth.

Collective Members:

Bomi Ahn (KOR), Michael Schweiger (AUT), Ioan-Ovidio Cernei (ROU), Julia Hartig (AUT), Christa Wall (AUT), Dominik Leitner (AUT), Katharina Mayrhofer (AUT), Pantelis Yiannakis (GR), Alex de las Heras (ESP).