Dokapi ÖH

A Performance Stage for Contemporary subjects interwoven with Art Practice at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz, Austria.

Between 2013 and 2015, I artistically co-directed and programmed the Dokapi ÖH project. This initiative served as a dynamic gathering space and stage for art students from the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, as well as local and international artists and cultural agents, to come together, perform, exhibit, and engage.

During this period, I organized more than 40 events, ranging from happenings, performances, and live bands to thematic movie nights, symposiums, workshops, discussions, and lectures. These sessions, led by both in-house and external professors, delved into proposed topics. Additionally, I curated a Cook in Residency program for artist chefs.

The dedicated team behind the creation of this space included individuals with diverse talents and expertise, such as Roland Laimer, Rainer Noebauer, Maria Venzl, Lisa Baumgardner, Christa Wall, Barbara Post, Anna Pech, Birgit Mikulaschek, Alessandra Steiner, Milos Stevic, Vildan Turalic, Yomo Zeil, César Escudero Andaluz, Momo Nachbauer, Karol Kagan, Dorothea Prem, and Alex de las Heras. Together, our collaborative efforts brought the Dokapi ÖH project to life, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment for artistic expression.

The distinguished guests invited to the events included a diverse array of talents and perspectives, such as Robert Pfaller (AT), Enrique Tomás a.k.a. ULTRANOISE, Jeff Boudreaux (FR), Vasco Trilla & Yedo Gibson (ESP/BR), Jens Vetter a.k.a. Bureaumaschine (DE), Harri Hertel (FIN), Didi Bruckmayr (AT), Maria Llopis (ESP), Tara Transitory a.k.a. ONE MAN NATION (SG), Angelika Peroni (AT), Tamara Mascara (AT), Susana Bento & Deopátria Silva (PT), QLF Enterprises (AT), Dj Gender Jackson (AT), Sonifer (AT), Elio Nikos Seidl (AT), John Smith (JAP), Svartvit (NED), OHMU (AT), Postman (AT), Alberto Boem (IT), gula gula (ESP/AT), Julo Krištof (SLO), Jens Höffken (DE), and Aleksander Borisovich Kaplun (RUS). Their presence added richness and diversity to the vibrant tapestry of the Dokapi ÖH project.