A Metafiesta its both an ongoing PhD research and a series of research talks and debates, artistic happenings and performances, both programmed and desirably arbitrary which took place in the University of Arts and Design in Linz, Astria, as the result of a research collaboration with its Cultural Studies department in 2016. It was an event which spoke about itself while giving meaning and significance to its occurrence by happening.

It was also an invitation both to individuals and collectives to take part, proclaim or celebrate their existence. An invitation to mutate, to come about oneself and look for new sensible parameters. Its learning method was its participation.

Metafiesta Programme:
3 November 2016

Prof. Dr. Martin Zillinger from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne on ‘Ambiguous festivities: on trance, subjetivities and graduated publics on Morocco‘.

Dr. des. Anja Dreschke, Assistant Professor for Media Anthropoloy at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf together with Martin Zillingers key note.

Mag. phil Thomas Marschall, Director, Curator, Writer and Lecturer in a performative lecture on ‘Fiesta as a Roundabout‘. PhD Candidate at the University for Fine Arts Vienna, Department for Postcolonial Studies.

Marissa Lôbo is a migrant black activist and artist born in Bahia, Brazil, engaged in artistically critical education related to anti-racist or anti-sexist struggles. Post Conceptual Art Practices at the Academy for fine Arts in Vienna. She performed-lectured ‘Rindo Alto Na Cara Da Sociedade‘ together with activists Edith Paule and Xhejlane Rexhepi.

Sam Bunn is an artist working between installation, performance and film. Performed: ‘A sketch for some future party that don’t stop, like whale song shouldn’t‘.

and Jeff Boudreaux as the leading drummer of his brass band!

Text written for the magazine “Mitte. Eine Frage der Kultur”, AA.VV., OÖ Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik Magazine, Linz 2016.

Keywords: Fiesta in the public space, ritual stage, social behaviours, collective catharsis. 
pg 24-25


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