Performance Duo
Paul Peters & Alex de las Heras
Since 2013

gula gula is the performance of cuisine practice marinated with abstract political subjects simmering just below the boiling point of a sensorial delirium.

Its scenography, costumes, the suggested games, the plating and the way to ingest the ‘food’ are a convergence in the gula gula show. 

Sankt Interface 2017

The Geek Chefs was a television cooking life show starring the ecclectic artist duo gula gula. The show was noted for the presenters “espainsterreichish” dialect and relaxed style; as well as the use of jumpy, experimentally risky playful kitchen skills. Like dousing with liquor few computer condensers and flambéing them for a show-biz dramatic visual presentation.

Menu: Raspberry Pie, Floppy Schnitzel & Gebackene Mäuse.

Sankt Interface’ is an artistic festival organized by Interface Cultures which serves also as the annual celebration of our department. It is not a coincidence that it is celebrated around every ninth of December, the same day of 1968 when Douglas Engelbart did his ultra-famous conference, known today as “The Mother of All Demos”.

Read The Geek Chefs teleprompter script!

Seeking to become in every show a critical reactor in the tips of one’s tongue, gula gula uses food language to roll on stage whooping with joy as a giant salt shaker does, sprinkling salt into the wounds of a self-indulgent society.

gfk im Central 2015

Due to the first Clemens Denk Band concert outside of Vienna, gula gula welcomed the band to their Exotische Provinz City of Linz and to its globalized cuisine; rich in imported goods.

For this happening we designed a dessert based on the album covers of the guest: Clemens Denk Band Favourite Black Semame Ice Cream on a Beet Root Sauce.

We also built the façade of a würstelstand made out of wood and recycled carton boxes, in the same shabby way Clemens Denk Band videos and songs were –aber der Sound ist gut und der Geschmack es wird gut sein– to serve our creation.

Porn et Trans Festival
Dokapi ÖH 2014

We were invited to perform our innermost longings in a ‘Porn, Trans and Artistic Practice Festival’ in the University of Arts and Design in Linz, Austria. Our proposal was -as trans- to play across and beyond sliming fantasies; caressing minds and prejudices with a shocking and disturbing food language.

We built a glory hole room from which we fed our public a lucious concept-menu based on porn practices, textures, flavours and performance. Through the mouth-holes of a graffiti wall we offered an slimy mucuos threesome of Aloe, Gin and Kiwi; a dildo made out of spicy Lychees; and a penetrating cheesy bouquet.

Graffiti Porn by Graffiti Artist KEOS.