Why so Happy?

In a compelling exploration of the political landscape, this installation weaves a powerful narrative around the unequal nature of smiles. It unveils a paradox that permeates our society, distinguishing between the authenticity of genuine joy – spontaneous reflections of inner happiness – and the contrived, orchestrated smiles employed by politicians.

These staged smiles, part of a calculated image presented by political figures, serve as strategic tools for political parties, often eclipsing the scrutiny of their policies and actions. The artwork boldly raises a question: Why such apparent exuberance in the face of the social, economic, and cultural challenges we confront?

This collage, a product of the presidential elections in Austria in 2016, incorporates the smiles of political leaders from diverse Austrian parties: SPÖ, ÖVP, FPÖ, Die Grünen, NEOS, and Piratenpartei. It offers a potent visual commentary on the interplay between political optics and public perception, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound implications of prioritizing happiness over common sense and ethics.

In a world where appearances often take precedence over substance, this artwork encourages a reflection on the power of orchestrated images and their impact on the complex web of political decision-making and societal values.