Tenia Simbionte harvests exhibition catalogs from museums and transforms them by including its own work of art, taking care of the layout, the font and style, as well as its composition, colors and images. During the exhibition period, Tenia Simbionte returns its parasite to its original place.

It uses camouflage to become critical with the institution: the museum and the art market, artists and the authority of the work, context, the curator, the viewer and with art itself.

It is appropriationist but never establishes a destructive relationship with the host, it rather engages in an “I win you win” relationship with it, adding creative input at the time of taking advantage of it. http://teniasimbionte.wordpress.com/

In collaboration with César Escudero Andaluz.

ACT_No.1 TENIA_Simbionte. Der Nackte Mann. Exhibition. LENTOS Museum, Linz (Austria).

By using the same layout and typography in the original catalogue, the QR-Code inserted is linked to the internet site where the image is stored.


ACT_No.2 TENIA_Simbionte. Nackte männer. Leopold Museum, Wien (Austria).

ACT_No.3 TENIA_Simbionte. Slapstick Exhibition. LENTOS Museum, Linz (Austria).