The Dog is Missing

Una sestina. Un caligrama. Ein Bilderrätsel o un jeroglífico. Un vade mecum del cuerpo humano y su movimiento en los vacíos de un edificio de teatro. Una estanza de seis versos.

‘The dog is missing’ emerged as a choreographic stanza, a composition of six videos co-created with the LAB ON STAGE collective during an Artistic Residency at the quixotic Urhof20 theater in Grünbach am Schneeberg, Austria.

This initiative served as a captivating window into the world of creative processes. It was an experimental and deconstructive approach to staging, where the act of creation took center stage, transforming into a central protagonist of a work, or rather, an event. Throughout the developmental process, an intricate interplay of spatial, visual, acoustic, choreographic, and performance elements converged, giving rise to a profound and dynamic fusion of physical and creative awareness. The setup and interaction of these diverse components, in and of themselves, constitutes an aesthetic experience. LAB ON STAGE embracess a different perspective. It recognizess, respects, and showcases the creative process as a stage-ready event, celebrating the raw and transformative nature of artistic genesis. The journey of creation, the very act of making, becomes an aesthetic experience in its own right.

At its core, ‘The dog is missing’ delves into an exploration of the body, movement, space, and materials. It delves into themes involving the metamorphosis of the human body and its architecture, as well as the societal dimensions of contemporary life, such as considerations of gender, identity, and consumerism. In this multifaceted exploration, the creative process itself was elevated to the status of an aesthetic experience, inviting audiences to delve into the complex interplay of art and life.

Video Performance
AiR Urhof20 Grünbach am Schneeberg,
Austria, 2016

With LAB ON STAGE Collective 2016: Andrea Maria Handler, Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli und Adriana Torres Topaga.